Drum chipper Type HMT 

HOMBAK drum chipper technology
for producing high-quality wood chips

Technological competence combined with intensive development work according to the needs of the market and customer requirements result in an outstanding product for the production of high-quality wood chips for a broad range of applications in the wood processing industries and other related industries.

HOMBAK drum chippers process

  • Long/short, thick/thin round wood (logs)
  • Residual waste wood from sawmills
  • Reject veneer and veneer waste
  • Other wood waste

to high-quality wood chips.


Range of all performance classes

With its HMT model, HOMBAK completely covers the entire
performance range, wich users require today.

An excellent wood infeed, due to optimal positioning of the lower and upper infeed rollers in the infeed unit, together with a short distance from the infeed rollers to the rotating knives of the drum produce outstanding chip qualities.

Closed machine housing even 
when chipping larger log diameters.

Fully automated locking of the rotor hood in connection with the fully automated opening of the rotor hood enables extremely short knife change times.

The automatic supporting of the rocker of the chipper infeed unit offers the ideal condition for safe operation during machine maintenance.

Rotor knife change and counter-knife change are carried out by the fully automated machine functions: rotor turning device...

movable counter-knife... 

opening the hood and locking the hood – are reduced to a minimum. Short standstill times for operating-dependent downtimes.