Universal flaker Type HMU

HOMBAK Universal flakers can be used to flake a very wide array of categories of wood.

No matter whether you use logs of varying lengths, cores or slabs and trimmings in bundles - with lengths of wood ranging from 1.5 - 16 m, the HMU flaker adapts to all conditions. This way, you can adapt flexibly to the latest and most economical wood form on offer.

For decades, HOMBAK HMU flakers have been on the job on all continents, working under all kinds of conditions, but always with the same reliable performance.

A variety of cutting systems are available, depending on the flaker performance and the conditions at the installation site. In special versions, the flaker is delivered for the production of wafers and strands with specially formed chip bags and cutting knives.

Flaking process in one step,
from the log to a high quality flake

A packed and oriented wood infeed enables the charging
of logs of different geometrical dimensions.

A strong grip on the logs that are being processed
provides a constant production of quality flakes.

A continuous feed motion of the cutter head enables an always at-call and safe log flaking – this is due to the fold-away downholders and due to the cutter head width defining the chipping area

Due to the parallel cut of the cutter head’s knives – parallel to the fiber direction of the naturally grown logs – the produced flake will show the fiber direction. First class flakes are produced – suitable for many solid wood products in the wood processing industry. Preserving the cell structure means using the natural basic characteristics of a naturally grown material. 

The cutting knife, which is running across the cutter head’s outer surface, enables a clean, gliding cut – ideal for excellent flake qualities with a better use of energy.

A fast and safe knife change is given due to the unique wedge system of the knife clamping within the cutter head. During the knife change partially automated machine functions enable a fast and safe knife change.